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AC Fan (Part Numbers)

AC Fan

Taiwan Eder Inc. is a general fan manufacturer which boasts the world's largest sales volume
80 - 120-mm square high-reliability AC fan which employs high-precision ball bearings.

· Employs high-precision ball bearings.
· Mounting element features a rib-less shape.
▪ Three series available from sizes 80 - 120.
· Lead wire type for integration with equipment


Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipSize Thickness Input Voltage Maximum Air Flow (AC Input Voltage, when 50 Hz)
Maximum Air Flow (AC Input Voltage, when 60Hz)
Volume (AC input voltage, 50 Hz)
Volume (AC input voltage, 60Hz)
Maximum Static Pressure (AC Input Voltage, 50 Hz)
Maximum Static Pressure (AC Input Voltage, 60Hz)
Operating Temperature Insulation pressure tolerance Insulation Resistance Life Expectancy
3 Day(s) 120x12038mm[AC100V] 110 to 120 Vmig00000001922373mig000000019223744041mig00000001922375mig00000001922376mig00000001018784mig00000001136779mig00000001139000mig00000001137910
3 Day(s) 120x12038mm[Other] 220 to 240 Vmig00000001922357mig000000019223584041mig00000001922361mig00000001922362mig00000001018784mig00000001136779mig00000001139000mig00000001137910
3 Day(s) 80x8025mm[AC100V] 110 to 120 Vmig00000001922363mig00000001922364mig0000000192236527mig00000001922367mig00000001922368mig00000001018784mig00000001136779mig00000001139000mig00000001137910
3 Day(s) 80x8025mm[Other] 220 to 240 Vmig00000001922377mig00000001922378mig0000000192236527mig00000001741987mig00000001922379mig00000001018784mig00000001136779mig00000001139000mig00000001137910
3 Day(s) 92x9225mm[Other] 220 to 240 Vmig00000001922380mig00000001922381mig00000001922382mig00000001922383mig00000001741963mig00000001922384mig00000001018784mig00000001136779mig00000001139000mig00000001137910


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Basic Information

Type AC fan Properties Standard (general purpose) Representative Standard CE / UL / CUL / TUV

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