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Rolled Ball Screws Shaft Dia.20 Lead 5/10/20 Accuracy Grade C7 (Part Number)

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Product Description

- Rolled Ball Screws Shaft Dia.20 mm Lead 5/10/20 Accuracy Grade C7 from MISUMI.
- This product is an economical option offered by MISUMI.
- Can select 2 types of shaft end, BK shaft end type (C-TBSE) and EK shaft end type(C-TBSB).
- Shaft screw overall length can be configured 200 to 2000mm (1mm increment).
- Screw shaft outer diameter is 20mm.
- 3 Lead sizes can be selected, 5mm, 10mm, 20 mm.
- The lead twisting direction is right.

Product Overview

1. The product is an Economy series C7 rolled Ball Screw without pre-pressure suitable for a feeding mechanism requiring multi-point positioning.
2. Ball Screw Standard nuts are adopted to meet the requirement of space saving.
3. The shaft end of screw is processed in accordance with standard specifications, so it can be used directly with the support unit without reprocessing. If the shaft end requires alteration, which should be specified according to the catalog.
4. When used in combination with MISUMI’s Economy series support unit, it has a better effect.
Product Comparison
 Model No./Specification Example
Model No.AccuracyShaft Dia.LeadTotal Length
MISUMI Conventional Standard ProductBSST2020-800C72020800
MISUMI Conventional C-Value ProductC-BSSTA2020-800
Economy Series*C-TBSB2020-800
■ Lead Accuracy
■ Cumulative Lead Error Tolerance
Unit: μm
Accuracy ClassC7C10
Cumulative Lead Error (4)52210
(4) Lead error tolerance value for an arbitrary datum length of 300mm within the effective thread length of the screw shaft
*Lead accuracy is reference for accuracy class C7.
 Mounting part accuracy differs from MISUMI conventional products
 See ■ Mounting Part Accuracy below
■ Mounting Part Accuracy

Rolled Ball Screw

Unit: mm
ModelLeadScrew Length(1)(2) Runout Tolerance
(3) Runout Tolerance
(4)(5) Perpendicularity Tolerance
Axial Clearance
TypeScrew Shaft 
Outer Dia.
Min.Max.Conventional Product
Economy SeriesConventional Product
Economy SeriesConventional Product
Economy SeriesConventional Product
Economy Series
C-TBSE821004000.0140.0140.0140.0140.0070.10.03 or less0.05 or less
124/5/101508000.1 or less
205/10/2020020000.05 or less*0.15 or less
255/10/2520020000. or less*0.2 or less
*Varies by lead

 Radial run-out of bearing mouting surface related to the centerline of screw groove.
 This measurement item is affected by Total Run-out (8) of the Screw Shaft, and so it must be corrected.
 Radial run-out of drive component interface surface in relation to screw shaft support axis.
 Perpendicularity of shaft's bearing shoulders in relation to screw shaft support axis.

Dimensional Drawing

Product Drawings of Ball Screw (Unit: mm)
Dimension 1

Dimension 2

Specification Table

Specification drawing 1
Dimension 3
Dimension 4
■ Keyway Dimension
Shaft Dia.bt
Reference DimensionTolerance
Reference DimensionTolerance
6 to 72-0.004
8 to 1031.8
11 to 1240
13 to 1753
18 to 2063.5
Screw Shaft Runout Tolerance
Runout tolerance G (Max.)Incomplete
Area (ℓ)

Product Features

1. Even if it is MISUMI economy series, the inspection standard is the same as that of MISUMI standard products, which implements quality inspection before leaving the factory to provide users with products that meet the specifications of the catalog.
2. Ball Screw It no longer needs drawing processing, saving drawing time, min. shipped in 6 day at the earliest.
3. With a rich shaft end specifications, it has specified additional processing to meet a variety of occasions.

Example of Use

Automatic feeder (the workpiece feeds by the moving and positioning of the slider driven by the Ball Screw via the stepping motor)
Example of Use 1


■ Selection and Precautions for Use of Ball Screw
● Rotating the nut by hand may not feel smooth, but does not affect the positioning precision, so this product is suitable for multi-point positioning feeding mechanism. Please feel free to use.
● If the operation requires low runout (e.g. machining equipment), please use MISUMI standard products.
In operation, if there is too much noise or sharp and harsh sound, please make sure that the installation accuracy of the screw and the specifications of peripheral components such as motors and couplings are appropriate.
● Lithium soap grease. SHC32 (red) has been applied.
Do not let the nut exceed the movement range of the ball screw nut, or screw out of the Ball Screw shaft, otherwise the ball will fall off and the ball cycling parts will be damaged.
● Ball Screw and nuts placed with an inclination may fall due to weight. Please be careful.
● This product is a machined type, so there will be knife patterns and color difference in its appearance. Small scratches or color changes without affecting the use and main function are of a normal phenomenon. Please feel free to use.

■ Precautions of the Ball Screw and peripheral parts design and assembly
The Ball Screw is a component that only bears axial load. If it is subjected to radial load or moment load, poor sliding, vibration or abnormal noise may occur, shortening its service life.
The reason that the Ball Screw bears radial load and moment load is the axis deviation and parallelism error of the surrounding parts. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly design and assemble the peripheral parts of the Ball Screw to prevent errors.
● Axis deviation of Ball Screw and support unit (Fig. 1)
- Axis deviation is the deviation of the Ball Screw fixed by the fixed side support unit and the bearing of the supporting side support unit.
- The allowable value of the axis deviation is 20μ or less (reference value)
●Parallelism between Ball Screw and linear guide (Figure 2)
- Parallelism error refers to the inclination of the Ball Screw in the up-down or left-right direction with respect to the reference of the linear guide.
- The allowable value of inclination is below 1/2000 (Figure 3)
●Precautions of assembly
If you notice abnormal noises during the operation of the Ball Screw or jamming during movement after assembly, please loosen the connections of the parts before proceeding. Adjust and reassemble after moving smoothly.
- Error in the left and right direction of the support unit (Fig. 1)
- Parallel error of linear guide and Ball Screw (Fig. 2)
- Fixing of workbench and nut bracket
- Fixing of Ball Screw nut and nut bracket
·Removal of nut is prohibited·No impact on the nut·Be careful of falling due to weight
Precaution 1Precaution 2Precaution 3
·Checking for reverse action·Pay attention to intrusion of foreign objects·Nut overstroke is prohibited
Precaution 4Precaution 5Precaution 6
Precaution 7

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Part Number 

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Part Number
Part NumberPriceNameMinimum Order Qty.Volume DiscountDays to ShipLead
Shaft Screw Overall Length L
Shaft End Type Fixed Side of Square Bearing Assembly (Purchase Separately) Square Support Component Support Side (Purchase Separately) Fixed Side of Round Bearing Assembly (Purchase Separately) Support Side of Circular Support Assembly (Purchase Separately)


ECONOMY ROLLED BALL SCREWS 1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) 5200 ~ 1000BK TypeC-TBK15C-TBF15--


ECONOMY ROLLED BALL SCREWS 1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) 10200 ~ 1000BK TypeC-TBK15C-TBF15--


ECONOMY ROLLED BALL SCREWS 1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) 20200 ~ 1000BK TypeC-TBK15C-TBF15--


ECONOMY ROLLED BALL SCREWS 1 Piece(s) 10 Day(s) 5200 ~ 2000EK TypeC-TEK15C-TEF15C-TFK15C-TFF15


ECONOMY ROLLED BALL SCREWS 1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) 10200 ~ 1000EK TypeC-TEK15C-TEF15C-TFK15C-TFF15


ECONOMY ROLLED BALL SCREWS 1 Piece(s) 6 Day(s) 20200 ~ 1000EK TypeC-TEK15C-TEF15C-TFK15C-TFF15


  1. 1

Basic Information

Type Rolled Flange Shape Round Shape, 2 Set Screw Flats at both ends Accuracy Grade C7
Screw Shaft O.D.(Ø) 20

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the operating temperature limit for the economy series rolled ball screw?
Answer: The operating temperature limit for the economy series rolled ball screw is 80°. Exceeding this limit will cause damage to the circulating parts and seals, as well as the deformation of the screw shaft and nut, affecting the life.
Question: How to do if there is abnormal noise heard in use?
Answer: MISUMI does not guarantee there is no abnormal noise during use. If abnormal noise occurs, please check the installation accuracy and the correct selection of surrounding parts. Please loosen the parts before re-adjustment. Please refer to "Precautions" for details.
Question: Is it normal to feel stuck when rotating the nut by hand?
Answer: It is a normal phenomenon, because this product is a rolled ball screw, and there is no run-and-fit test before leaving the factory. The sticking will disappear after running for a period of time under the condition of ensuring the installation accuracy If the sticking reaches the point where the motor can not drive, please contact MISUMI.