Non-Metal, Plastic(Material:Ceramics)

Non-Metal/Resin Washers
We have nearly all the washers on the market, not only flat (round) washers and spring washers, but also special washers including those for sealing or isolating fluids.
They are mainly available in small boxes and packs, but we sell many items individually. For customers who are price sensitive, purchasing in small boxes is recommended.
Contact us if you cannot find the desired size.
Resin (PEEK, PPS, RENY, PTFE, PC, PP, PVC, nylon, Teflon, silicone), rubber, ceramic, and others
[Surface Processing]
None, chromate plating, polished, painted, others
[Inner Diameter]
1.1 to 40 mm
[Thickness] 0.075 to 8.25 mm
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Product Seriesชุดผลิตภัณฑ์
Days to Shipวันจัดส่ง
Type (Application)
Surface Treatment
I.D. d(mm)
Thread Nominal (M)
Thickness t(mm)
Sales Unit
Material, Resin
Surface Treatment (Details)
Type Spring Washers

    Ceramic Washer / RR-0000-00



    Product Seriesชุดผลิตภัณฑ์

    Ceramic Washer / RR-0000-00

    Days to Shipวันจัดส่ง 3 Day(s) or more
    Type (Application)Plain Washers
    TypePlain Washers
    Surface TreatmentPolish
    I.D. d(mm)2.8 ~ 12.3
    Thread Nominal (M)-
    Thickness t(mm)1 ~ 2
    Sales UnitBulk (Purchasing from 1 pc.) ~ Box / Package
    Material, Resin-
    Surface Treatment (Details)-
    Type Spring Washers-

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