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Torsion Springs(Inner Dia. ID:φ5.5)

Screw Fitting
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Product Series
Days to Ship
Free Angle θ
Inner Dia. ID
Twisting Angle Фd2(deg)
Wire Dia. d(Ø)
Number of Winding n
Spring Constant k(N・mm/deg)

    Double Torsion Spring



    Product Series

    Double Torsion Spring

    Days to Ship Same day or more
    Free Angle θLeft and Right Winding 90° coils / Left and Right Winding 135° coils
    MaterialStainless Steel
    Inner Dia. IDφ5.5
    Twisting Angle Фd2(deg)36 ~ 66
    Wire Dia. d(Ø)0.8
    Number of Winding n2 / 3 / 4
    Spring Constant k(N・mm/deg)1.59 ~ 2.93


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