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ASEIKOGYO Thermometers/Hygrometers

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Product Series
Days to Ship
Product Type
Temperature Measuring Range(°C)
Temperature minimal display(°C)
Drip-proof and Waterproof function
Operating Temperature Range(°C)
Humidity Minimal Display(%RH)
Measured humidity range(%RH)
Heat Stroke Index display range(°C)
Primary Color
Color after discoloration

    Thermo Color sensor

      WAX Thermochromatic Ink, WL Series

        Liquid Crystal Seal

          Humidity Indicator

            Injector for Low Temperature Control RF Series







            Product Series

            Thermo Color sensor【1-50 Pieces Per Package】

            WAX Thermochromatic Ink, WL Series

            Liquid Crystal Seal【20 Pieces Per Package】

            Humidity Indicator【50-200 Pieces Per Package】

            Injector for Low Temperature Control RF Series【5 Pieces Per Package】

            Days to Ship 10 Day(s) 10 Day(s) 10 Day(s) 10 Day(s) 10 Day(s)
            Product TypeHeat SensorTemperature Indicating Material For Temperature ManagementOther AccessoryOther AccessoryOther Accessory
            Temperature Measuring Range(°C)-----
            Temperature minimal display(°C)-----
            Drip-proof and Waterproof function-----
            Operating Temperature Range(°C)---2~20 ~ 50~100--
            Humidity Minimal Display(%RH)-----
            Measured humidity range(%RH)---10・20・30・40・50・60 ~ 90-
            Heat Stroke Index display range(°C)-----
            Primary Color-White---
            Color after discoloration-OtherGreen--


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