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Electric Welding Machines(Page3)

An online store for electric welding machines. In MISUMI's e-catalog, products with high workability and cost performance are available. Since it is possible to select electric welding machines widely for every work context, anyone can easily find their desired electric welding machine.
Choose your favorite item from the product shelf, boasting low cost and high quality.
[What is an electric welding machine?]
Electric welding machines, also called arc welding machines, are welding machines that join metals by utilizing the power of arc discharge. Many manufacturers use filler metal (welding wire and welding rod) as a consumable material.
Even though it is called arc welding, there are many types such as coated arc welding, semi-automatic arc welding, and gas shielded arc welding.
Although it was only for professional use until a while ago, many products that can be used even at 100 V at home are now for sale, and the range of users has also expanded.
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