Water Quality / Moisture Measuring Instruments(Measuring Range:0.1 to 5)

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Product Series
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Product Type
Measuring Range(Brix%)
Measuring Range(%)
Measuring Range(pH)
Measuring Range(S/m)
Measuring Range(mg/L)
Water-based characteristics
Concentration Meter Features
Features of Refractometer

    Water Tester, "Simple Pack"

      Simple Pack




      Product Series

      Water Tester, "Simple Pack"【48 Pieces Per Package】

      Simple Pack

      Days to Ship 4 Day(s) or more 4 Day(s) or more
      Product TypeWater quality meterWater quality meter
      Measuring Range(Brix%)--
      Measuring Range(%)--
      Measuring Range(pH)--
      Measuring Range(S/m)--
      Measuring Range(mg/L)0.1 to 50.1 to 5
      ApplicationWater quality research-
      Water-based characteristics--
      Concentration Meter Features--
      Features of Refractometer--


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