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Pencil Type Voltage Detector Screwdriver No.550LP

Pencil Type Voltage Detector Screwdriver No.550LP

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Screwdriver that can be used in place of a tester during inspections and repairs exclusively for low voltages.
· A neon tube will light up to let you know that current is flowing when the screwdriver tip is touched to the plus side of an electrical circuit.
· A clip is attached, so it's useful to take with you in your pocket.
· Package size: W15 × H130 × D15 mm.
· Perfect for electric lights at 120 to 350 V DC and 100 to 250 V AC / the presence of conduction in power lines / inspection and repair of power distribution and electrical appliances.

Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งSpecifications
6 Day(s) or more Clip included

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Basic Informationข้อมูลพื้นฐาน

Tip standards Minus (-) Single Product/Set Classification Single Item Shaft type Circle

Please check the type/dimensions/specifications of the part 4977292201483 in the Pencil Type Voltage Detector Screwdriver No.550LP series.โปรดตรวจสอบ ชนิด / มิติ / รายละเอียด ของชิ้นส่วน 4977292201483 ในชุด Pencil Type Voltage Detector Screwdriver No.550LP

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