VBS-50S03-1-355 Splitter

VBS-50S03-1-355 Splitter

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· A beam splitter capable of changing the branching ratio of transmittance and reflectivity with varying incidence angle.
· Usable when an external light quantity adjustment is required, either with lasers that do not have variable light quantity adjustment or with stabilized lasers, when the light quantity is to be weakened temporarily by adjusting the optical system, or when it is to be split into two arbitrary light quantities using a branch for transmission/reflection.
· As it is coated with dielectric multilayer film, it has excellent light resistance and durability.
· Beam shifts generated by the tilting of the beam splitter can be eliminated by using a correction plate.
· Also usable for any arbitrary polarization. However, the transmittance characteristics differ according to the polarization state.
· A variable attenuator (SVAB) for lasers unitized using this variable beam splitter is also available.
· * When using for a high-power laser, be sure to check the ends of the reflected light.
· * If elements become very hot, reflectance characteristics may vary.
· * Changing the incident angle to adjust the level of transmittance will also cause the amount of parallel movement of the transmitted light beam to change.
· * Use the correction plate (WSQNA/WBNA) to restore this parallel displacement to the previous state.
· * Emitting beams may be insufficient with incidence of a φ30 mm or more laser beam where the beam splitter is sharply inclined.
· * An incident angle larger than 45 degrees is required if used with P polarization.
[Product Specifications]
· [ Common Specifications]
· Material: BK7 Synthetic Quartz
· Substrate Surface Accuracy: λ
· Parallelism: < 5″
· Coating: Front/Dielectric Multilayer Film, Back/Anti-reflective Film
· Scratch-Dig: 10-5
· Effective range: Circle inscribed in the square that makes up 90% of the external diameter
· Effective Incident Beam Diameter: 30 x 43 mm Ellipse (for element with 45 degree gradient angle)
· [Individual Specifications]
· Compatible Wavelength: 355 nm
· Transmittance, S Polarization (θ = 0°): > 93%
· Transmittance, S Polarization (θ = 45°): < 5%
· Material: Synthetic Quartz
· Laser Yield Strength*: 1 J/cm2
· * Laser Pulse Width 10 ns, Repetition Frequency 20 Hz

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