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RPB-20-2L 45° Right-Angle Prism 61-6928-66

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RPB-20-2L 45° Right-Angle Prism
Part Number: 61-6928-66

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· A non-coated prism useful in various applications such as critical angle total reflection or chromatic dispersion.
· Also, because various coatings can be applied to this prism, it can be used to manufacture a prism light element for the wavelength currently in use.
· BK7 type for visible range to infrared range and synthetic quartz type that can also be used for ultraviolet range are available.
· Prism angle accuracy and surface accuracy are extremely high and direct adherence to mechanical processed parts is also possible.
· Because the prism can stand on its own without a special holder and selection is possible from among various design methods, it can be used in place of a small mirror.
· * The actual measured A dimension includes chamfering and is slightly shorter.
· * Dimension tolerance is defined by the sides of the triangle formed by the angled surface and 2 bases.
· * The reflection surface reflects around 100% at the critical angle, but suffers approximately 8% loss due to surface reflection from the light entering and exiting the glass.
· * If light enters from the air to the angled surface, almost all the light will pass through the prism side and only part of it will be reflected.
· * For BK7, part of the light transmits to the air side, so total reflection will not occur if light enters from the glass side with an incident angle of 41 degrees or less (critical angle or less) to the gradient.
· * For synthetic quartz, total reflection does not occur with an incident angle of 43 degrees or less (critical angle or less).
· * If fingerprints or grime adhere to the non-coated gradient surface, total reflection may no longer occur even at angles equal to or greater than the critical angle.
· * During use, make sure that nothing makes contact with the non-coated surfaces.
[Product Specifications]
· [<45° Vertical Prism> Common Specifications]
· Material: BK7 (refractive index n d=1.517), Synthetic Quartz (refractive index n d=1.458)
· Substrate Surface Accuracy: λ/2
· Angular Accuracy: ±3 ' (90° and 45°)
· Scratch-Dig: 20-10
· Effective range: Circle or ellipse inscribed in the rectangle that makes up 90% of the external diameter
· [Individual Specifications]
· Material: BK7
· A=B: 20 mm

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