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LED headlight GT-101D

LED headlight GT-101D

A headlight striving for basic performance.
· 3 levels of light adjustment with a simple switch operation.
· Dust and water resistant (conforms to IP66) & can survive a 2 m fall.
· Equipped with twist focus to seamlessly switch between beautiful, wide illumination and spot lighting.
· LED flashes intermittently when battery reaches 30%.
· Circle beam lens: achieve a more beautiful exposure surface with our redesigned circle beam lens.
· Can be used in a variety of different work environments because spotlights with excellent remote illumination to wide lights with good wide exposure can be achieved with fine-tuned adjustments.


  • Bulb not replaceable. Never look straight into an LED.

LED headlamp with a simple switch that allows selection of three light intensity levels.

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

A multi-functional headlamp with a three-level brightness adjustment and a rugged design that is dust- and water-resistant and able to withstand a 2 m drop (the GT-101D is shown in the photo).
· Novel focus lens allows the user to adjust the illumination surface in a continuous manner from a wide beam to a narrow spotlight. Delivers a wide illumination surface of unprecedented clarity.
· Resistant to dust and rain. (IP66)
· Capable of handling any work site, with excellent far-field spotlight illumination and broad-range illumination that can be adjusted in a continuous manner.

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

Headlamp with a rugged design that is dust- and water-resistant (IP66) and able to withstand a 2 m drop.

  • Switch: Three levels of brightness are available: High, Mid, and Eco.
  • Body: 80° movable head, passes 2 m drop testing and meets dust and water resistance standards *IP66-compliant
  • Circular lens: Newly designed circular beam lens produces a more beautiful illumination surface.
  • Ultra-tough cord: Passes 75,000-bend testing. Uses a tough-to-break cord.
  • Focus control: normal/wide
  • Circle beam lens
  • Rear recognition light: Switchable between constant illumination mode and flashing mode
  • Body: Passes 2 m drop testing. Meets standards for dust and water resistance *IP66 compliant
  • Micro USB port: Can be charged directly from a PC or USB AC adapter *USB charging models only

Convenient features of the basic GT-100 series

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

80° movable head

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

Focus control system. Adjust the beam angle by operating the lever to control the internal lens. At the minimum focus adjustment width, this product achieves an illumination range of φ600 to 1,600 (diameter 600 mm to 1,600 mm).
* For a 1 m beam.

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

A red rear light keeps the user safe from behind.

Basic GT-100 series product specifications

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

GT-101D: 210 lm
GT-103R: 250 lm
GT-105R: 320 lm

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

Illumination time
GT-101D: 6 hours
GT-103R: 3.5 hours
GT-105R: 4.5 hours

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

Illumination characteristics: focus control

Gentos LED Headlamp Basic GT-100 Series: related image

Illumination distance
GT-101D: 42 m
GT-103R: 46 m
GT-105R: 54 m

Safety instructions and precautions for use

Keep this product out of reach of children.
Do not mishandle the product, for example by short-circuiting, disassembling, or bringing it into contact with fire.
Do not store the product under conditions of extreme cold or heat or in moist or dusty environments.
Do not replace the batteries with wet hands as doing so could result in excessive heat, fire, or electric shock.
Keep the product clean using a dry soft cloth.
Although this product is rugged enough to handle being dropped from up to 2 m, it is a precision instrument and should be handled with care.
This product is not a diving light. It is not designed for use in the water.
Inspect the product on a regular basis.

Developer's Perspective


A basic headlamp featuring unprecedented ruggedness. This newly developed headlamp is designed to able to withstand a 2 m drop and to support the work of professionals in the field.

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งTotal Luminous Flux
Special Purpose Battery type Width
Maximum Lighting Time Continuous illumination time
Main Body Size
JAN Code Trusco Code Beam distance (m) Fall resistance (m) Weight (g) Material 1 Specifications Material (Body) Accessories Mass
Power Features
1 Day(s) 250WaterproofSize AA63.535496h (High Mode)xW69.1×H40.7×D38.6-779-8032422180ABS resin--Dedicated rechargeable battery pack (included)-3 × AA Alkaline BatteriesRed Rear Light-
Same day 320Drip-proofOther69.138.640.7Approx. 4.5 (for Hi-Mode)--4​9​5​0​6​5​4​0​3​6​6​4​0779-8059----Charger type (dedicated battery)ABS ResinDedicated rechargeable battery pack (included)206Dedicated rechargeable battery-1 pc

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