Vinylose Spray (Synthetic Resin Paint, for Handicraft/Hobby)

Vinylose Spray (Synthetic Resin Paint, for Handicraft/Hobby)

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Clear, quick-drying spray paint that is strong against oils and chemicals.
· Clear spray that creates a strong coating.
· A quick drying type that can be used to paint a variety of things.
· The clear coating protects the painted surface from sunlight, water, oils and chemicals, maintaining its beauty.
· Round spraying-type spray pattern.
· Ideal for iron, wood, concrete, models, toys, crafts, etc.
· Ideal for use with electrical appliances and in locations where there is a risk of oil, chemical or water spillage.

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1 pc (300 ml)
5 Day(s) or more

Part Number : 27961
Days to Ship 5 Day(s) or more
Standard Unit Price -
Quantity 1 pc (300 ml)


  • Product Type
    Paint (Spray)
  • Color
  • Coating Surface (3 Coat)(m2)
    Approx. 0.6X1.2
  • By Size Of Tatami Mats(Piece of)
    Approx. 1/3-2/3
  • Thinner
    Not Required
  • Drying time (20 °C / Finger Touch)(Minutes)
    Approximately 30
  • Drying Time (20 °C / Semi-cured)(Minutes)
    Approximately 60
  • Drying Time (Winter / Finger Touch)(Minutes)
    Approximately 60
  • Drying time (Winter / Semi-cured)(Hours)
    Approx. 2


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