Ball Point Wrench (Set / Single Item)

Ball Point Wrench (Set / Single Item)

Set long type easy-to-use ball point hex wrenches in 7 sizes.
· Includes a dedicated holder that can hold 7 wrenches between 1.5 to 6 mm.
· Full-quenching hardening treatment applied to strengthen the main body through a careful process.
· A carefully selected special alloy steel used for the material, and highly corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant hard chrome plating adopted for the surface.
· A ball-point type that can be used by tilting up to approx. 20° to turn a bolt positioned at an angle difficult to be aligned with a hex hole.
· Long type that makes it easier to apply force when loosening a securely tightened bolt.
 Can be used in a wide variety of work situations.

Part Number

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Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipWidth across flat dimension
Single Product/Set Classification Overall length (L dimension)
Hex bar wrench underneck length (H dimension) L-shape only
Set Content
Hexagon socket head bolt Hex socket set screw Set Content Details Type Weight
Same day 1.5 ~ 6Set Product80 ~ 18014 ~ 327M1.6/M2、M2.5、M3、M4、M5、M6、M8M3、M4、M5、M6、M8、M10、M121.5、2、2.5、3、4、5、6Long Type130Easy-to-use long type.
Same day 1.5Single Item8014-M1.6、M2M3-Long Type2Easy-to-use long type.
2 Day(s) or more 2Single Item9616-M2.5M4-Long Type3Easy-to-use long type.
Same day 2.5Single Item11118-M3M5-Long Type6Easy-to-use long type.
Same day 3Single Item12720-M4M6-Long Type9Easy-to-use long type.
Same day 4Single Item14225-M5M8-Long Type18Easy-to-use long type.
Same day 5Single Item16028-M6M10-Long Type31Easy-to-use long type.
4 Day(s) or more 6Single Item18032-M8M12-Long Type51Easy-to-use long type.
Same day 1.5 ~ 6Set Product81 ~ 1804 ~ 137M1.6/M2、M2.5、M3、M4、M5、M6、M8M3、M4、M5、M6、M8、M10、M121.5、2、2.5、3、4、5、6Under Head Short type117Under head short type which is easy to handle.
Same day 1.5 ~ 6Set Product51 ~ 10114 ~ 327M1.6/M2、M2.5、M3、M4、M5、M6、M8M3、M4、M5、M6、M8、M10、M121.5、2、2.5、3、4、5、6Short Type83Compact and lightweight short span type.
Same day 1.5 ~ 6Set Product51 ~ 1014 ~ 137M1.6/M2、M2.5、M3、M4、M5、M6、M8M3、M4、M5、M6、M8、M10、M121.5、2、2.5、3、4、5、6Under Head, Whole Length Short type74Minimal weight below-neck, total length short type.


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Basic Information

Type Hex L-shape wrench Tip Type Ballpoint

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