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Mini USB Cable

Mini USB Cable

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USB cable compatible with the Mini USB Connector.

· Cable for connecting PCs that have a USB port to peripheral devices (digital cameras, PSP, USB hubs, hard disks, cartridges, MP3 players, digital camcorders, etc.) that have a USB (Mini USB B Connector 5 pin) interface.
Additionally, the cable also connects a PictBridge-compatible digital camera to a printer.
*Uses a thin cable that cannot be extended.
*Dedicated software is required to connect a digital camera or digital camcorder to a PC.
*"PictBridge" is a communications standard for directly connecting a digital camera and printer for printing.
Unifies direct print systems installed by each manufacturer and ensures direct print compatibility between manufacturers and models. If the digital camera and printer are compatible with PictBridge, direct printing is possible irrespective of the manufacturer.
· High-quality cable compliant with USB 2.0 "Hi-SPEED" mode (transfer rate 480 Mbps). Also supports devices compliant with the USB 1.1 Standard (transfer rate 12 Mbps / 1.5 Mbps).
· This product has been certified by the USB IF (USB Implementers Forum).
· The double-shielded cable with airtight aluminum shielding on the inner side of the copper high-density braided shield material protects valuable data from most noise frequencies from low to high.
· Uses twisted pair wires with 2 core wires twisted together to guard against noise.
· The mold connector interior is secured with a plastic mold. Also, all surfaces have been shielded, which prevents external interference and provides noise resistance. It also has superior vibration resistance and impact resistance.
· Gold-plated pins (contacts) are used for rust resistance and to minimize concerns of signal degradation over time.
· The ferrite core acts as a noise filter to effectively absorb noises transmitted from the cable.
· Product compliant with RoHS directive.


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Basic Informationข้อมูลพื้นฐาน

Standard (CN1/CN2) USB2.0 Connector type CN1 A male Connector type CN2 miniB male
Type Cable Cable Type Twisted pair Finished outer diameter 4.2 mm

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