Circuit Protector CP-S (CE Mark Product)

Circuit Protector CP-S (CE Mark Product)

Mainly used to protect low-capacity control circuits, heaters, motors, solenoid valves, transformers, electronic circuits, etc. that cannot be protected with MCCB. Reduces space required for various control circuits for equipment and control panels, etc. Rated current types are finely differentiated and the product lineup offers a variety of overcurrent operating performance characteristics.

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  • This product belongs in RoHS Directive under Category 9 "Monitoring and control equipment" with exclusion from the usage restriction of phthalate esters until 21 July 2021.
  • *Product image is a representative image. The actual item varies according to the model number. Please bear this in mind.


Japanese Only

Part Number
CP-S 1P A1-F 0.05A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 0.1A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 0.3A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 0.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 0.25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 0.75A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 1A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 2A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 2.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 3A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 7A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 7.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 10A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 15A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 20A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-F 30A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 0.05A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 0.1A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 0.3A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 0.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 0.25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 0.75A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 2.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 7.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 10A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 15A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 20A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-FD 30A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 0.05A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 0.1A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 0.3A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 0.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 0.25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 0.75A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 1A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 2A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 2.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 3A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 7A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 7.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 10A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 15A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 20A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-I 30A CE
CP-S 1P A1-M 0.05A CE
CP-S 1P A1-M 0.1A CE
CP-S 1P A1-M 0.3A CE
CP-S 1P A1-M 0.5A CE
CP-S 1P A1-M 0.25A CE
CP-S 1P A1-M 0.75A CE
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งRoHSRated block capacity When AC 250 V
Rated block capacity voltage conditions besides AC 250 V/DC 60 V Number of Poles Rated Voltage Rated Current
Operating properties Warning output presence Representative Standard Dimension width
Dimension depth
Inertial delay included Rated operating voltage P1 internal circuit specification P2 internal circuit specification P3 internal circuit specification Rated block capacity when DC 65 V
Rated block capacity When DC 125 V
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.05High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.1High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.3High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.25High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.75High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V1High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V2High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V2.5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V3High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V7High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V7.5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V10High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V15High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V20High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V25High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V30High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.05High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.1High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.3High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.25High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.75High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V1High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V2High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V2.5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V3High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V7High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V7.5High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V10High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V15High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V20High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V25High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V30High SpeedNAPSE / CE1967.5-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.05InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.1InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.3InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.5InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.25InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.75InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V1InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V2InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V2.5InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V3InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V5InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V7InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V7.5InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V10InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V15InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V20InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V25InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V30InstantaneousNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.05Medium speedNAPSE / CE / TUV1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.1Medium speedNAPSE / CE / TUV1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.3Medium speedNAPSE / CE1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.5Medium speedNAPSE / CE / TUV1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.25Medium speedNAPSE / CE / TUV1967.5×-Serial type----
Quote 61.5kA-1-poleAC250V0.75Medium speedNAPSE / CE / TUV1967.5×-Serial type----

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Polarity presence NA Dimension height(mm) 51 Connection Method Male tab terminal

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