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VCTFK Series

VCTFK Series

Used in power cables in small electrical appliances that are not frequently carried or moved

• An environmentally-friendly product with a lead-free jacket.

Part Number
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-1
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-2
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-3
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-4
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-5
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-6
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-7
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-8
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-9
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-10
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-11
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-12
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-13
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-14
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-15
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-16
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-17
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-18
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-19
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-20
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-21
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-22
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-23
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-24
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-25
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-26
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-27
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-28
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-29
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-30
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-31
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-32
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-33
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-34
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-35
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-36
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-37
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-38
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-39
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-40
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-41
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-42
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-43
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-44
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-45
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-46
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-47
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-48
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-49
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-50
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-51
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-52
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-53
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-54
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-55
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-56
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-57
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-58
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-59
VCT-FK 0.75SQ シロ-60
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งOverall Length
Conductor Cross Section
Finished outer diameter
Sheath (outer coating) color Number of strands/diameter of strands
(Number of units/mm)
Insulation body outer diameter
Other Properties
2 Day(s) or more 10.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 20.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 30.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 40.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 50.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 60.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 70.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 80.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 90.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 100.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 110.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 120.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 130.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 140.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 150.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 160.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 170.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 180.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 190.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 200.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 210.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 220.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 230.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 240.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 250.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 260.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 270.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 280.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 290.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 300.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 310.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 320.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 330.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 340.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 350.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 360.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 370.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 380.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 390.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 400.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 410.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 420.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 430.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 440.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 450.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 460.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 470.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 480.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 490.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 500.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 510.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 520.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 530.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 540.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 550.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 560.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 570.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 580.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 590.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS
2 Day(s) or more 600.754.3X6.6White30/0.182.3JIS

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Basic Informationข้อมูลพื้นฐาน

Number Of Cores(Core) 2 Rated Voltage 300V Shield NA
Representative Standard PSE Grounding Wire NA Sheath (outer coating) material PVC (PVC· lead free)
Insulation body materials PVC (PVC· lead free) Insulation body standard thickness(mm) 0.6 Sheath standard thickness(mm) 1

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