YM-10NDA Series DC Ammeter (Mechanical Indicator)

YM-10NDA Series DC Ammeter (Mechanical Indicator)

YM-10NDA series DC ammeter (mechanical indicator.)
· Used for measuring current in power transmission/distribution lines, load equipment, etc.
· Size: W102 × H102 mm.
· Operating principle: moving coil type.
· An instrument for measuring and displaying current from AC and DC circuits.


  • This product belongs in RoHS Directive under Category 9 "Monitoring and control equipment" with exclusion from the usage restriction of phthalate esters until 21 July 2021.

Part Number

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DC Ammeter Specifications

 Rectangular Meter
Y-N Series
Size (Width × Height) mm102 × 102
Model NameYM-10NDA
Operating PrincipleMoving coil type
Accuracy Class (Grade)2.5
Scale Length (mm)90
Weight (kg)0.15

Maximum Scale ValueInternal resistance (Ω) or voltage drop
Note 1

100 μA2,000 Ω
200 μA1,200 Ω
300 μA1,000 Ω
500 μA730 Ω
1 mA200 Ω
3 mA70 Ω
5 mA8 Ω
10 mA2 Ω
20 mA0.8 Ω
50, 100 mA
200, 500 mA
1, 2, 5, 7.5 A
10, 15, 20, 30 A
60 mV
With Shunt
1 A to 7,500 A60 mV, 100 mV
(current consumption: approx. 20 mA)
Special SpecificationsWith Lead Wire
Adjustment Resistor
Can be manufactured

Note 1. Operating circuit voltage is 600 V or less.


For bi-directional deflection meters, please choose a specification according to the following.
For direct rating, manufacturing is possible if the larger of the left and right scales is 30 A or less.
For combined use with a shunt, please choose a scale so that the sum of the absolute values of the meter ratings is 60 mV or more.
Example: For a shunt rated 100 A, 60 mV
Ammeter scale -50 to 0 to +100 A
Ammeter rating -30 to 0 to +60 mV
(sum of absolute values = 90 mV ≧ 60 mV)

DC Ammeter Connection Diagram

DC ammeter (direct)

DC ammeter (direct)

DC ammeter (combined with shunt)

DC ammeter (combined with shunt)

DC Ammeter Dimensional Outline Drawing

A dimension: 41

Dimensional Outline Drawing

Dimensional Outline Drawing

Panel hole drilling dimensions (view from front of panel)

Panel hole drilling dimensions
(view from front of panel)

Part Number
YM-10NDA 0-1A B
YM-10NDA 0-1MA B
YM-10NDA 0-2A B
YM-10NDA 0-3MA B
YM-10NDA 0-5A B
YM-10NDA 0-5MA B
YM-10NDA 0-7.5A B
YM-10NDA 0-10MA B
YM-10NDA 0-15A B
YM-10NDA 0-20A B
YM-10NDA 0-20MA B
YM-10NDA 0-30A B
YM-10NDA 0-50MA B
YM-10NDA 0-100MA B
YM-10NDA 0-200MA B
YM-10NDA 0-500MA B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-1A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-2A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-3A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-5A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-10A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-15A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-20A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-25A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-30A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-40A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-50A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-60A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-75A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-1000A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-100A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-1200A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-1500A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-150A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-2000A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-200A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-2500A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-250A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-3000A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-300A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-4000A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-400A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-5000A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-500A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-6000A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-600A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-7500A B
YM-10NDA 60MV 0-750A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-1A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-2A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-3A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-5A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-10A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-15A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-20A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-25A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-30A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-40A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-50A B
YM-10NDA 100MV 0-60A B
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งRoHSGauge - Rated Scale Connection method or CT ratio
Quote 6-0-1ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-1mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-2ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-3mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-5ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-5mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-7.5ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-10mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-15ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-20ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-20mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-30ADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-50mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-100mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-200mADirect Connection
Quote 6-0-500mADirect Connection
Quote 660mV0-1AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-2AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-3AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-5AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-10AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-15AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-20AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-25AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-30AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-40AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-50AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-60AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-75AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-1000AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-100AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-1200AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-1500AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-150AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-2000AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-200AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-2500AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-250AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-3000AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-300AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-4000AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-400AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-5000AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-500AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-6000AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-600AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-7500AFor use with shunt
Quote 660mV0-750AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-1AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-2AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-3AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-5AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-10AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-15AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-20AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-25AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-30AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-40AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-50AFor use with shunt
Quote 6100mV0-60AFor use with shunt

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Management Guidelines Red guidelines Gauge Front Surface Dimensions (Width × Height)(mm) 102 x 102

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