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T-51LGF Series Leakage Current Transducer (Built-in Low Pass Filter)

T-51LGF Series Leakage Current Transducer (Built-in Low Pass Filter)

Measures fundamental harmonic leakage current in the AC circuit that includes the higher harmonic waves such as inverter, thyristor and control circuit T-51LGF

Part Number
T-51LGF 1A 1-5V ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1-5V ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1-5V ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1-5V ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1-5V ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1-5V ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1A ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1A ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1A ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1A ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1A ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1A ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1MA ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1MA ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1MA ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1MA ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1MA ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1MA ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1V ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1V ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1V ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1V ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1V ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 1V ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 4-20MA ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 4-20MA ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 4-20MA ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 4-20MA ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 4-20MA ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 4-20MA ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5MA ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5MA ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5MA ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5MA ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5MA ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5MA ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5V ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5V ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5V ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5V ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5V ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 5V ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 10V ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 10V ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 10V ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 10V ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 10V ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 1A 10V ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1-5V ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1-5V ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1-5V ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1-5V ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1-5V ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1-5V ZT100B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1MA ZT15B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1MA ZT30B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1MA ZT40B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1MA ZT60B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1MA ZT80B AC110V
T-51LGF 5A 1MA ZT100B AC110V
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งRoHSOutput type Input Current Combination ZCT Load
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V1AZT15B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V1AZT30B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V1AZT40B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V1AZT60B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V1AZT80B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V1AZT100B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1A1AZT15B-
Quote 6[Other] 1A1AZT30B-
Quote 6[Other] 1A1AZT40B-
Quote 6[Other] 1A1AZT60B-
Quote 6[Other] 1A1AZT80B-
Quote 6[Other] 1A1AZT100B-
Quote 6[Other] 1mA1AZT15B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA1AZT30B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA1AZT40B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA1AZT60B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA1AZT80B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA1AZT100B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1V1AZT15B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1V1AZT30B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1V1AZT40B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1V1AZT60B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1V1AZT80B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1V1AZT100B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 64–20 mA1AZT15B0 to 600Ω
Quote 64–20 mA1AZT30B0 to 600Ω
Quote 64–20 mA1AZT40B0 to 600Ω
Quote 64–20 mA1AZT60B0 to 600Ω
Quote 64–20 mA1AZT80B0 to 600Ω
Quote 64–20 mA1AZT100B0 to 600Ω
Quote 6[Other] 5mA1AZT15B0 to 1kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 5mA1AZT30B0 to 1kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 5mA1AZT40B0 to 1kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 5mA1AZT60B0 to 1kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 5mA1AZT80B0 to 1kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 5mA1AZT100B0 to 1kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 5V1AZT15B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 5V1AZT30B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 5V1AZT40B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 5V1AZT60B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 5V1AZT80B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 5V1AZT100B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 10V1AZT15B10 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 10V1AZT30B10 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 10V1AZT40B10 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 10V1AZT60B10 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 10V1AZT80B10 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 10V1AZT100B10 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V5AZT15B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V5AZT30B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V5AZT40B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V5AZT60B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V5AZT80B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1–5 V5AZT100B5 kΩ → ∞
Quote 6[Other] 1mA5AZT15B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA5AZT30B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA5AZT40B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA5AZT60B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA5AZT80B0 to 5kΩ
Quote 6[Other] 1mA5AZT100B0 to 5kΩ

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Basic Informationข้อมูลพื้นฐาน

Input Type Current (AC) Response Speed(ms) 1000 Conversion accuracy(%FS) ±1.0
Number Of Inputs(Point) 1 Number of Outputs(Point) 1 Insulation Available
Auxiliary power supply AC110V Dimension width(mm) 50 Frequency 40Hz - 2kHz

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