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Electrode Wire Copper : Zinc = 60:40 Type【1-4 Pieces Per Package】

Electrode Wire Copper : Zinc = 60:40 Type

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  • Electrode Wire Copper : Zinc = 60:40 Type
  • Electrode Wire Copper : Zinc = 60:40 Type

A solid support for cost reduction. Economy-Type Electrode Wire
· Manufactured at a cutting-edge factory that also produces recommended wire for major wire cutting machines
· Uses 100% raw material, and more stable discharge is possible compared to recycled wires
· An economy type with outstanding cost performance that is certified to be equal in both speed and accuracy to genuine products.
· By using strict quality control on all tests including tensile strength, elongation rate, material analysis, etc., use with peace of mind is enabled.
· An electrode wire for wire-cut electric discharge machines


  • This product (GMWT) is not applicable for the collection service for used bobbins.
  • Customers are requested to dispose of the used bobbins.
  • Due to the product characteristics, it is recommended to be used immediately after arrival.

Wire Electrode Wire, Copper:Zinc = 60:40 Type:Related Image

Part Number
Part NumberNumber of pc(s). included in pkg.ชิ้น รวมVolume DiscountDays to Shipวันจัดส่งWire Diameter
Winding Weight
Overall Weight
Bobbin Color Tensile Strength
Wire Diameter Tolerance Country of Production Material

4 Pieces Per Package

Same day 0.25420Gray980 or more0 ~ -0.002ChinaBrass
Same day 0.220120Gray980 or more0 ~ -0.002ChinaBrass

4 Pieces Per Package

Same day 0.35420Gray930 or more0 ~ -0.002ChinaBrass
2 Day(s) or more 0.320120Gray930 or more0 ~ -0.002ChinaBrass

4 Pieces Per Package

Same day 0.255420Gray930 or more0 ~ -0.002ChinaBrass
Same day 0.2520120Gray930 or more0 ~ -0.002ChinaBrass

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  1. 1


Wire Electrode Wire, Copper:Zinc = 60:40 Type:Related Image

1 Roll Unit
1 Case Unit Contains 4 Rolls

Model Number   Winding Weight
Without Paraffin:
1 Case
Overall Weight
Bobbin Color Tensile Strength
Wire Diameter
GMWT 0.2 5 N 4 20 Gray 950 ~ 1100
20 1
0.25 5 4
20 1
0.3 5 4
20 1

[ ! ]5 kg rolls are not sold in bobbin units. They are sold by case.
[ ! ]"Paraffin" refers to the lubricant coated on the surface of wire lines. For details on selecting the type with or without paraffin, check the Instruction Manual or other documentation provided for the wired electric discharge machine. On machines that recommend wire with paraffin, use MBWS (P.846) / MBWB (P.847).

More Information

● Used Bobbins
[ ! ]This product (GMWT) is not covered by the used bobbin collection service.
Please dispose of used bobbins yourself.

  Wire Electrode Wire, Copper:Zinc = 60:40 Type:Related Image

● Bobbin Dimensions

Bobbin Size
Winding Weight (kg)
Collar Dia.
Outer Width
Collar Thickness
Shaft Hole Dia.
  • Economy-Type Electrode Wire
  • Manufactured by world's No.2 Chinese manufacturer with large production volume and latest equipment
  • Equal in both speed and accuracy to genuine products
  • Manufactured under strict quality control
  • The 40% zinc content contributes to the increase in processing speeds.

[GMWT Series]
Copper:Zinc = 60:40


Low Price!



A solid support for your cost reduction! Reliable and safe quality!
A remarkable price, with the same quality as products you are currently using.
Not only cost-reduction, but the finished surface is also even more improved.


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Paraffin N

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