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DC Fan

DC Fan
  • Volume Discount

Optimally sized DC fan to cool inside the panel

  • UL
  • c-UL
  • CE-Compliant

● High-precision ball bearings are used
● For 80 mm square and 92 mm square mounting portion has no ribs. For 40 mm square, 60 mm square, and 120 mm square mounting portion has ribs
● A lineup with pulse sensor and lock sensor
● Available in 5 series from 40 mm square to 120 mm square, with 60 mm square now added

· Since it uses high-precision ball bearings, take care in handling so as to avoid impacts.
· When wiring, be sure to properly connect upon confirming the polarity (+ and -).
· When mounting the metal finger guard MWFG-120A to the 120 mm square DC fan, use M3 screws. It may not be mountable using M4 screws.


DC Fan:Related Image

■ Standard
Model NumberSize
C4010H12BPLB-740 mm Square
C6025M24BPLB-760 mm Square
C8025X24BPLB-780 mm Square
C9225H24BPLB-792 mm Square
R1238L24BPLB-7120 mm Square

■ With Sensor
Model NumberSizeFunction
C4010H12BPLB-2A-740 mm SquarePulse Sensor
C6025M24BPLB-2A-760 mm Square
C8025X24BPLB-2A-780 mm Square
C9225H24BPLB-2A-792 mm Square
R1238L24BPLB-2A-7120 mm Square
C4010H12BPLB-2B-740 mm SquareLock Sensor
C6025M24BPLB-2B-760 mm Square
C8025X24BPLB-2B-780 mm Square
C9225H24BPLB-2B-792 mm Square
R1238L24BPLB-2B-7120 mm Square

More Information

Model NumberSize (mm)Input Voltage (V)Input Voltage
Range (V)
Rotation Speed (min-1)Maximum Air FlowMaximum Static PressureSound Pressure Level
(db [A])
C4010H12BPLB-74010127 ~ 140.760.06466000.1645.8035.83.660.14428.2916.8
C6025M24BPLB-760252415 ~ 271.710.07145000.56119.8158.75.990.23634.1373.5
C8025X24BPLB-780252415 ~ 272.530.10536001.23243.4948.44.940.19537.8583.0
C9225H24BPLB-792252415 ~ 272.680.11230001.56355.1944.24.510.17735.73106.5
R1238L24BPLB-7120382415 ~ 273.820.15926002.958104.4671.17.260.28639.83313.0

Motor Protection SystemReverse Connection Protection (60 ~ 120 mm Square)
Operating Temperature-10 ~ +70°C
Dielectric Strength Voltage600 VAC (1 second)
Insulation Resistance10 MΩ or more (at 500 VDC Megger)
Life Expectancy50,000 hours (25°C)
MaterialFrameGlass Fiber-Reinforced PBT: UL94V-0
BladeGlass Fiber-Reinforced PBT: UL94V-0
Lead Wire40 mm SquareStandardUL1007 AWG26 x 2 pcs (+: Red, -: Black)
With SensorUL1007 AWG26 x 3 pcs (+: Red, -: Black, Pulse Sensor: Yellow or Lock Sensor: Gray)
60 - 120 mm SquareStandardUL1007 AWG24 x 2 pcs (+: Red, -: Black)
With SensorUL1007 AWG24 x 3 pcs (+: Red, -: Black, Pulse Sensor: Yellow or Lock Sensor: Gray)
Compliant StandardsUL / cUL: E208866, CE

DC Fan:Related Image

DC Fan:Related Image
DC Fan:Related Image

DC Fan:Related Image

Model Number Printed on the Label
Model NumberModel Number Printed on the LabelCable Color
C4010H12BPLB-7C4010H12BPLB1-7Red, Black
C6025M24BPLB-7C6025M24BPLB1-7Red, Black
C8025X24BPLB-7C8025X24BPLB1-7Red, Black
C9225H24BPLB-7C9225H24BPLB1-7Red, Black
R1238L24BPLB-7R1238L24BPLB1-7Red, Black

Pulse Sensor
Model NumberModel Number Printed on the LabelCable Color
C4010H12BPLB-2A-7C4010H12BPLB2-7Red, Black, Yellow
C6025M24BPLB-2A-7C6025M24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Yellow
C8025X24BPLB-2A-7C8025X24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Yellow
C9225H24BPLB-2A-7C9225H24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Yellow
R1238L24BPLB-2A-7R1238L24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Yellow

Lock Sensor
Model NumberModel Number Printed on the LabelCable Color
C4010H12BPLB-2B-7C4010H12BPLB2-7Red, Black, Gray
C6025M24BPLB-2B-7C6025M24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Gray
C8025X24BPLB-2B-7C8025X24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Gray
C9225H24BPLB-2B-7C9225H24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Gray
R1238L24BPLB-2B-7R1238L24BPLB2-7Red, Black, Gray
Part Number
Part NumberVolume DiscountDays to ShipRoHSSize Thickness Input Voltage Sensor output Maximum air flow (DC input voltage)
Volume (DC input voltage)
Maximum static pressure (DC input voltage)
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant40x4010mmDC12VPulse0.16428.2935.8
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant40x4010mmDC12VLock0.16428.2935.8
Available Same day Fully Compliant40x4010mmDC12VNone0.16428.2935.8
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant60x6025mmDC24VPulse0.56134.1358.7
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant60x6025mmDC24VLock0.56134.1358.7
Available Same day Fully Compliant60x6025mmDC24VNone0.56134.1358.7
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant80x8025mmDC24VPulse1.23237.8548.4
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant80x8025mmDC24VLock1.23237.8548.4
Available Same day Fully Compliant80x8025mmDC24VNone1.23237.8548.4
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant92x9225mmDC24VPulse1.56335.7344.2
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant92x9225mmDC24VLock1.56335.7344.2
Available Same day Fully Compliant92x9225mmDC24VNone1.56335.7344.2
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant120x12038mmDC24VPulse2.95839.8371.1
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant120x12038mmDC24VLock2.95839.8371.1
Available 2 Day(s) Fully Compliant120x12038mmDC24VNone2.95839.8371.1


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Basic Information

Type DC fan Properties Standard (general purpose) Representative Standard CE / UL / CUL
Frame material Glass Fiber-Reinforced PBT

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