CAD Data, Library of the support software for designing

Misumi Plastic Mold components (3D/STEP format)

Files are provided in STEP format
All the CAD data will be provided as a compressed file
Please use unzip software to open the file
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List of the downloadable data

Product Line File Name File Size
Straight Ejector Pins 205KB
Stepped Ejector Pins 334KB
Rectangular Ejector Pins 651KB
Ejector Sleeves 568KB
Date Marked Pins/Recycle Marked Pins/Pins With Gas Vent 186KB
Angular Pins/Locking Blocks 435KB
Slide Cores-Loose Cores 7.2MB
Sprue Bushings/Locating Rings 1.5MB
Runner Components/Electrodes 3.7MB
Gate Components 1.8MB
Leader Components 79KB
Components For Positioning 7.4MB
Components For Ejector Space 857KB
Mold Opening Controllers 1.9MB
Couplers/Quick Fitting Joints 8.4MB
Cooling Joints/Accessories For Cooling 92MB
Heating Items 2.4MB
Screws/Washers 984KB
Mold Accessories 1.3MB
Components For Large Mold/Hot Runner 1.6MB
Components For Die Cast 31KB