CAD Data Download

Factory Automation 2010(DXF Format)

The data will be provided in DXF format
All the CAD data will be provided as a compressed file
Please use unzip software to open the file
The Products in red are not available in THAI

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List of the downloadable data

Product Line File Name File Size
Precision Linear shafts 4.74MB
Shaft Supports 3.24MB
Set Collars 3.46MB
Linear Bushings / Ball Splines 8.14MB
Oil Free Bushings 2.85MB
Linear Motion Units / Single Axis Actuators 156MB
Linear Guides 22.2MB
Slide Rails / Cable Carriers 7.08MB
Ball Screws / Support Units 4.21MB
Trapezoidal Screws / Slide Screws 2.56MB
Rotary Shafts 1.92MB
Cantilever Shafts / Hinge Pins / Fulcrum Pins 3.06MB
Bearings with Housings / Bearings 16.6MB
Couplings / Motors 4.46MB
Rollers & Conveyor Components 4.63MB
Miniature Conveyors 1.64MB
Flat Belts / Round Belts / Pulleys / Idlers 3.53MB
Timing Pulleys / Belts / Mecha Locks 21.5MB
Gears 4.21MB
Sprockets / Chains 3.47MB
Locating Pins / Bushings 14.6MB
Locating / Guide Components 3.28MB
Plungers 1.72MB
Clamp Units / Toggle Clamps 4.38MB
Inspection Jigs 2.11MB
Contact Probes 0.74MB
Simplified Adjustment Units 2.04MB
Simplified / Precision Stages 57.5MB
Objective Lens / Indicator Holders 29_image 0.29MB
Sensors / Switches 2.70MB
Posts / Strut Clamps / Stands 6.01MB
Ribs / Angle Plates / Welded Steel Stands 2.07MB
Washers / Collars / Shims 1.14MB
Screws / Nuts 2.66MB
General Components / Magnets 3.01MB
Round Bars / Rods / Pipes / Resin Rods 0.46MB
Springs / Shock Absorbers / Gas Springs 3.15MB
Urethane / Rubber / Sponges / Felt 1.23MB
Antivibration / Soundproof /Protection Tools / Antistatic / Brushers 1.43MB
Aluminum Frames (Frames & Brackets) 4.30MB
Accessories for Aluminum Frame / HEPA Filters 2.33MB
Aluminum Frame Unit / Assembly Service 0.49MB
Factory Frames / Pipe Frames 1.36MB
Cover Panels / Boards 0.14MB
Transparent Resins / Glass / Mirror Plates / Resin Plates 45_Resin 0.26MB
LED Lights 0.72MB
Casters / Adjustment Pads 20.8MB
Levers / Handwheels / Knobs 7.85MB
Pulls / Hinges / Door Parts 2.87MB
Manifolds 5.85MB
Pipes / Fittings / Hoses / Valves 10.3MB
Sanitary Pipes / Vacuum Piping Parts / Tanks 8.13MB
Tubes /Fittings / Absorption Components /Nozzles 31.3MB
Chucks / Cylinder Components / Connecting Components 15.1MB
Heaters / Temperature Controllers / Resin Plates 4.51MB
Metal Plates - - -
Angles / Channels 0.24MB
Mounting Sheet Metals / Brackets - for Motors / Cylinders / Sensors - - - -