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  • 3M normal temperature heat shrink tubing
    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • Slit Tube Specialized Tool

    Slit Tube Specialized Tool


    [Features] · Slit Tube Specialized Tool * (Catalog print errors) We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience. An error appeared in the MISUMI-VONA Wiring Catalogue 2015 (P.1797). Please note that this product is not sold in "single units" but in “units of 10”.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • BP53-STA and Slit Tube wiring insertion tool

    BP53-STA and Slit Tube wiring insertion tool


    • Volume Discount
    Days to Ship
    3 Day(s) or more
  • Weed-Proof Nishi Tube

    Weed-Proof Nishi Tube


    Days to Ship
    7 Day(s)
  • Mark tube stopper for use in fail prevention mark tube.

    Mark tube stopper for use in fail prevention mark tube.


    Having problems with the mark tube coming loose when using spring terminal blocks? Use a mark tube stopper to make it harder for the tube to drop out. [Features] - Secures mark tubes in general wiring applications. - Reduces mark tube drop out when crimp terminals are not used. (Is not fully fixed) [Specifications] - Material: Nylon 66 - Color: Natural - Compatible wire size: 0.3 to 0.5mm² / AWG22-20 (MS-3-050N) - Compatible wire size: 0.35 to 1.25mm² /AWG20-16 (MS-4-125N) - Compatible wire size: 1.25 to 3.5mm² / AWG16-10 (MS5-350N)

    Days to Ship
    2 Day(s)


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