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  • USB Camera (CMOS)

    USB Camera (CMOS)


    USB camera which can be used for a broad range of situations [Features] - WOM (WiThON-BoardMemory) series has a new product series ARTCAMUSB2.0. - In the WOM series there is a photo frame memory mounted. So graphic data can be safely transmitted where the USB 2.0 area is narrow and when using several continuously operating cameras. - The photo frame memory is 64 MB, this specification can also be used to store multiple images within the camera. It is possible to customize the setup.

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  • USB Camera (CCD)

    USB Camera (CCD)


    Highly functional USB 3.0 camera which can be used for a broad range of situations.

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  • The Endoscope Camera for Industrial Use

    The Endoscope Camera for Industrial Use


    An endoscopic camera that can be conveniently utilized in factories [Features] - It is an industrial endoscope model that can store still images and videos. - - It is an interlock cable that can be inserted in narrow places and inside tubes as well as under the floor following the configuration of where it is inserted; so it is easy to see places where you cannot reach by hand. You can save the image/video to a micro SDHC, so you can use it for various purposes such as creating reports.

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  • Smart Camera FQ2 Series Option Unit

    Smart Camera FQ2 Series Option Unit


    Options for Smart Camera FQ2 Series

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  • USB Document Camera

    USB Document Camera


    USB document camera that can be used with ease [Features] - 5 million pixels USB document camera, which with a built-in microphone can also be used for chats. - With 500 million-pixel auto focus camera and six times digital zoom, you can fine letters and capture details of small subjects. - For capture the image, it comes with IPEVO Presenter (software) for uploading to Evernote. - It is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.

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  • Smart Camera For High-Speed Positioning FQ-M Series Optional Cable

    Smart Camera For High-Speed Positioning FQ-M Series Optional Cable


    Optional Cables of Smart Camera for High-Speed Pick & Place Applications FQ-M Series

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