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  • Supporters

    Supporters【25-50 Pieces Per Package】


    Can be used for conductor support inside a low-voltage apparatus. [Features] · Eliminates the time and effort that is required for manually processing conventional insulators. · Two types are available: one that includes nuts on both sides (S/T/D types), and one that includes nuts and bolts (SB/TB/DB types). Both types are available in a wide variety of different heights and diameters. Therefore, these supporters can be used for a variety of different applications. · Excellent insulation properties (creepage voltage: 2.5 kV or higher), lightweight, and will not crack. · Small type, H: 35 mm, ⌀: 20 mm (resin part) is also available as a conventional polypropylene supporter. · Small size stopper that does not interfere with adjacent screws, etc. Stopper is suited for use as intermediate support between bus bars.

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    “Same day” is available to ship or deliver STOCK Items on same day. Please check cut off time and how to request here.

  • EIA Rack Sliding Table, NST Series

    EIA Rack Sliding Table, NST Series


    EIA Rack Sliding Table (NST Series) [Features] - Reinforcing fixture for secure fixing. - Lock fixture to prevent falls when pulling out the table and to prevent table overhang. - If the table is turned upside down, it can be used as a drawer. - Attach the included protective sponge to the right and left side interiors before use. · Rack opening dimensions may differ by manufacturer, so confirm the dimensions before use.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s) or more
  • Extensive EIA Rack Stowing Shelf, SRE Series

    Extensive EIA Rack Stowing Shelf, SRE Series


    Extensive EIA rack storage shelf (SRE) [Features] · Storage shelf for a 19” EIA standard rack. · Can also be installed in a 19” cabinet rack. · Wide, for effective use of storage surface. · Beige and black are available and can be selected in accordance with devices. · For SRE44-315/420, the shelf board and side boards are integrated. · On rare occasions, rack opening dimensions will differ by manufacturer, so confirm the dimensions before use.

    Days to Ship
    Same day or more

    “Same day” is available to ship or deliver STOCK Items on same day. Please check cut off time and how to request here.

  • High Anchor

    High Anchor【15-100 Pieces Per Package】


    Please use as an anchor for all types of construction work [Features] - Elevator maintenance management, two-channel display. - Speed measurement of skyscraper high-speed elevators is also possible. - Any tow speeds are comparable (independent two-hold display function). - It can record measured values (analog conversion external output terminal). - Two external holding terminals to allow remote operation. - Remote control is possible by an external encoder (SE-9000M). - Easy-to-read red LED display, even in the dark. - Auto shut off function (about 3 minutes). - Battery alarm function for when the internal battery is exhausted.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s) or more
  • Eye bolt

    Eye bolt【10-200 Pieces Per Package】


    Use the eye bolts for suspending various types of panels. [Features] · The eye bolts have been manufactured based on the JIS-B1168 standard.

    Days to Ship
    16 Day(s)
  • KP Cleat (PBT)

    KP Cleat (PBT)


    Supports low-pressure bus bars at a 70 mm pitch in three-phase batches. [Features] - Made from PBT incorporating glass fibers with excellent electrical properties and mechanical reinforcement, it is light and sturdy. - Compact design with a 70 mm bus pitch to effectively create space inside the board. - Corresponds to a bus bar thickness of 4–8 mm. - The product complies with RoHS.

    Days to Ship
    6 Day(s)
  • Nut Anchor

    Nut Anchor【50-100 Pieces Per Package】


    For suspension from concrete ceilings. [Features] · Can be used after cutting to the required length, which contributes to the reduction of inventory and management work. · Use together with a dedicated head.

    Days to Ship
    31 Day(s)
  • Switch Crossover Bar

    Switch Crossover Bar【100 Pieces Per Package】


    Can be used for switch crossover wiring [Features] · Streamlining of wiring through use on transition wiring for common lines of switches. · The exposed part is insulation coated, and is therefore safe. · The insertion conformation is forked (Y-shaped). · Installation and removal are easy. · Final wiring result is particularly clean for operation panels, etc. with a large number of different switch types.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • Tapered Anchor

    Tapered Anchor【25-100 Pieces Per Package】


    For suspending ducts and pipes. [Features] · An oxygen-free copper (electrolytic tin-plated) blade terminal (BT type).

    Days to Ship
    31 Day(s) or more
  • Adjustable Fixed Bar

    Adjustable Fixed Bar


    [Features] - Simple installation with single-sided mounting. - Use to mount a box to a lightweight partition wall. - No need to purchase accessories for different stud sizes or types; this is all you need to mount a box. - Convenient for locations with narrow stud spacing (can be used even when cut down). - Use the included double-sided tape for temporary fastening is possible; mounting to lightweight studs is also simple. - The manufacturer's slide box includes holes for mounting, so it can be easily mounted to the center (vertical) position of an adjustable fixed bar (exclusions apply). - The KGP-230 (total length 230 mm) can be mounted to any location, provided the studs are installed at an interval of 450 mm. - The slide box (thickness 36mm) will fit right in if you align the box with the stud end before mounting.

    Days to Ship
    5 Day(s)
  • SS Bushing

    SS Bushing【100 Pieces Per Package】


    Can be used as an induction bushing for door opening and closing shaft. [Features] - The taper of the bushing smoothly guides the shaft into the locking aperture when locking the door. - Protects against noise caused by vibration. - Peeling of the coating around the lock aperture caused by opening and closing of the lock shaft is eliminated, preventing rust formation. - Mounting of the bushing can be performed in a single operation by simply pushing it in.

    Days to Ship
    4 Day(s)


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